Pretty Up Your Planner

I’ve always had a planner ever since I can remember. Sometimes it was a small one from papemelroti. This time my brother Robert gave me a bigger one with lots of space. Although I had a lots to put in my planner, I knew if it looked boring, I would tire of it, and not check on my schedule and to do list.

So I decided to “pretty” up my planner. I now use it not only to slow my day down when I”m stressed, but also to practice my calligraphy and make doodles. I totally love my planner now, and I really use it. It’s never ignored!!!

I write down not only my schedule and to do list, but it’s got my list of things to buy, people to call, email or text. I’ve got quotations and pictures in it, reminders to dream, be kind, etc. It would be good if I would put my goals for the week, the month and the year too!

To decorate my planner I use:

– Craft Cuts, Stickers and embelishments from papemelroti and other places!

–  Lots of downloadable designs on the internet

–  Washi tapes

–  Rubber stamps

–  Lace, and little bits of fabric

–  Cut-outs from magazines-letters, pictures, tags, etc.

–  Post it notes

–  Different colored and thicknesses of pens

My tips (which you don’t have to follow!!!)

–  Don’t make your planner too precious that you get stumped with what to do with it.  Have fun! That’s the rule!

–  Use colors to unify a page. Look for the same colors or color complements. Or maybe a theme for the week?

–  Try to minimize your expenses! Look for creative ways to decorate your planner.  Try exchanging embellishments with others who decorate planners or use scrapbook materials. I like cutting out things from magazines and brochures. 

–  Learn how to do modern calligraphy based on the way you write.

–  The more we doodle, the better we will get at drawing outlines, lacy frames, etc.

–  Get inspiration from Pinterest and Instagram. Lots!!

ABOUT THE AUTHORPapemelroti’s owner and artist Patricia Paterno has been married for 19 years to a man with a good heart. They have one son who is as funny as his dad. She has been working in the family business since she was 11. When she gets home from work, she stays in her craft room and makes collages, scrapbook layouts, ATCs, and thinks of ways to re-use things normal people would throw away. Visit her arts and crafts blog.

She wants to be passionate about God’s passions so she also made a blog, Hebrews 13:3, about their service in the QC Jail.

See more crafts at

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Love Beyond Perfection

“Nemo dat quod non habet” this means “You can’t give what you don’t have”.
This is what I’ve learned from my husband as I go along our simple, yet, one of the seldom love stories untold. 

I am very fascinated of gifts especially during birthday, Christmas and other occasions. My husband used to give earrings, necklace, signature shirts and other valuable things I like most.

We both work in public office, indeed, we are living in a simple way of life. We have also misunderstanding and differences but most of the time we have lots in common. We love adventure; we love collecting valuable things (miniature toys, personal collections and papemelroti items), we used to go to the mall every weekend for food trip and play in arcade. Just a simple like that, we enjoy our life together.
One day, it’s another and memorable day for me. It was a Valentine’s Day. As a normal and usual expectation I wanted to receive a special gift from my hubby. That day, we have our dinner date at the mall. However, I noticed he’s calm and cold and told me that he was out of budget to buy a gift but he has a special present at home. I was thrilled and excited for the first time when we go home. What he did at that night was memorable. I was amazed! For the first time in my life he made a poem written in Papemelroti paper. He chose this paper because for him, it is very special and unique paper, simple but meaningful. The poem compose with my full name. As I read along the poem, tears of joy fell from my eyes.

At that night, he told me that his gift is more than everything he gave like of material things. He made a poem and dedicated for me. This poem inspires everyone, every women that happiness is priceless not even the material things can provide. He gave what he has from his heart and that is love out faded things.

I hope every one will inspire our simple love story that life is not nourish with things that glitters but by love and devotion to your relationship.

Story by Sheryl Malabanan-Corsiga

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Vintage Kitchen Set Giveaway

We thought we would give away something pink this month of hearts!  The kitchen is also said to be the heart of the home so what better time to share these goodies with you!

Unlike previous contests that have a lot of little (sur)prizes, this month, we are putting up for grabs only two premium products but they’re big!

They look good with anything really.  Here we set them up with some empty glasses and fabric flowers just to show they add a certain style to any corner.

Tea Party Tray
Quaint and rustic, this tray has vintage designs for that perfect tea party.  Has that charming French feel.  Serve your guests in shabby chic style.  You can also just use this as wall decor as it is pretty enough for that!  Made with recycled wood.  Handcrafted with care.  Size 14.5″ x 8 7/8″ x 1 3/8″, 380g

Kitchen Perpetual Calendar Magnet Board
Remember the days beautifully with this sturdy metal Vintage perpetual calendar.  With a dainty, timeless design.  Comes with magnets for the date and month.  You’ll need this to keep track of the days.  You can put notes around as the whole thing is a board for magnets!  Size 14.5cm x 29 cm, 1.2mm thickness

Here are the designs in detail.


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This contest is open worldwide (shipping must be paid by winner if outside the Philippines).

*If you have not been receiving our e-Newsletters, it is most likely your address has bounced and you have been removed from our listing.


Just fill up as many tasks on the Rafflecopter below.  We will pick the winner on February 24, 2015

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Words from our Winner! Children’s Craft Giveaway

Congratulations to Camille de la Fuente for winning the Children’s Craft Giveaway!  She was so accommodating to us in sending us her response to her prizes and even photographs of her son painting i!

Papemelroti was introduced to me many years ago by my mama as a gift. She knew that I loved crafts and trinkets and that giving me those would make me happy. The brand became a big part of my childhood to adolescent years. I’d spend some of my allowance on Papemelroti either for myself or as gifts. Fast forward,  I found myself back at a nostalgic store buying Papemelroti finds now as gifts for my nieces or son’s classmates and.. okay, for myself too. I loved how the product assortment evolved and how some of them encourage a child’s creativity.

Papemelroti’s  Childrens  Giveaway  contest  was  timely  and  meant  a  lot.  To  me  it  meant  that  it  was  an affirmation on going back to my love for the arts and crafts. It was an opportunity to share this with my 3.5 year old son who we recently recognized had the knack for the arts as well.  It also meant more bonding time through activities that can hone this ability of his. My husband was also encouraging.  So we joined  the Papemelroti contest knowing we had little to lose, more to gain, and hoping that our craft will be appreciated. 

You can just imagine the joy we felt when we got the good news that our up-cycled yellow poncho won! I was really so ecstatic when I saw the prizes and I was so excited to give them to our son. I wanted to surprise him. I made him wear the poncho to remind him about the contest we joined. We made him cover his eyes while we fixed the 11 prizes beside him. He was so wide-eyed and   gave a long long “Wow” and a big big smile when he saw everything from the mini books, to the puppet, to the workbook and cut-outs but most especially when he saw the DIY soft toy Robot.  He hugged the robot, and did not want to take a nap until we started painting it. He was sleepy but he persisted so I told him to sleep and Mama and Lolo will finish it for him. When he saw the finished product, he was so happy and said “I love you, Robot”. He kissed and hugged it. It was the first time I ever saw him express himself that way towards a toy. I told him to give his robot a name. The robot’s name is Charlie and he told me to write his name on the back. My son proudly showed it to his Lolo, Lola, Ninong and my husband.

Papemelroti gave us more than just gifts. This meant a lot because Papemelroti also allowed us a profound experience of the gift of giving.  We are grateful to our family and friends who shared their time by liking our post. Thank you so much, Papemelroti, for your generosity! A simple act of giving can be a tremendous blessing to others. Stay blessed!

–Camille de la Fuente

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