Vintage Kitchen Set Giveaway

We thought we would give away something pink this month of hearts!  The kitchen is also said to be the heart of the home so what better time to share these goodies with you!

Unlike previous contests that have a lot of little (sur)prizes, this month, we are putting up for grabs only two premium products but they’re big!

They look good with anything really.  Here we set them up with some empty glasses and fabric flowers just to show they add a certain style to any corner.

Tea Party Tray
Quaint and rustic, this tray has vintage designs for that perfect tea party.  Has that charming French feel.  Serve your guests in shabby chic style.  You can also just use this as wall decor as it is pretty enough for that!  Made with recycled wood.  Handcrafted with care.  Size 14.5″ x 8 7/8″ x 1 3/8″, 380g

Kitchen Perpetual Calendar Magnet Board
Remember the days beautifully with this sturdy metal Vintage perpetual calendar.  With a dainty, timeless design.  Comes with magnets for the date and month.  You’ll need this to keep track of the days.  You can put notes around as the whole thing is a board for magnets!  Size 14.5cm x 29 cm, 1.2mm thickness

Here are the designs in detail.


Any Papemelroti e-Newsletter subscriber who has been in our mailing list since before February 6, 2015.  New subscribers will have to wait for another contest to join.  

This contest is open worldwide (shipping must be paid by winner if outside the Philippines).

*If you have not been receiving our e-Newsletters, it is most likely your address has bounced and you have been removed from our listing.


Just fill up as many tasks on the Rafflecopter below.  We will pick the winner on February 24, 2015

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