Finding Your Art Workshop Photos

Here are some flashback photos of the workshop that got sold out so fast!
WORKSHOP was described by Craft MNL as:
Have Robert Alejandro himself (visual artist, travel sketcher, all-around prolific multidisciplinary designer, and once-art-show-TV-host) guide you through the baby steps to finding your art!  Get to play with different media–acrylics and watercolors in this intense 5-hour session, wherein you get to experiment and discover the journey to finding your visual style by being guided into the right frame of mind for creating.
Participants are encouraged to bring their respective portfolios if they’d like to receive pointers from Robert.  This class is also open to complete (as in read: ground zero-folks-who-think-they-don’t-have-a-creative-bone-in-their-bodies) beginners.
The workshop was held last February 22 Sunday.

Robert’s Instagram 
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Robert Alejandro’s site

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Lent A Season to Remember

Lent is here and we have all the time we need to be refreshed and to have a spiritual reboot.  This is the time of year when Christians are on “retreat” while still in the midst of doing every day things.  It’s an extra meaningful season because we journey with Jesus and go into the desert with Him.

Contrary to how many people feel, Lent is not a time of gloom and doom.  It’s a time of renewal and it’s a time to prepare for Easter!!!

So how do I get the most out of this season?

You can look at it as a feast.  If you had the chance to go to an Eat-All-You can buffet, you wouldn’t just sit in one corner waiting for the food to fall into your mouth right?  You have to go get some!  You would need to look around, see what you like and partake.  The more you get, the more worth it is for you!  In the same way, the more you seek God during Lent, the more you will have of Him!

“…there you will seek the Lord your God, and you will find Him if you seek Him with all your heart and with all your soul.” Deuteronomy 4:29

FREE!  Presentation Ministry Podcasts
We like listening to this every weekday as Fr. Al Lauer shares about the liturgical readings for the day and explains them so it’s simpler to understand the Word of God.

FREE!  7 Ways to Practice Lent 
This new eBook by Joe Paprocki, DMin explores these seven ways to practice Lent by offering background on each tradition, an accompanying prayer, and activities for catechists to share the riches of Lenten practices with those they serve.   By deepening our understanding of the disciplines, practices, and devotions of Lent, we will live Lent more fully and grow in relationship with God and one another.

FREE!  Easter Devotional eBook and 40 Days to Easter Devotions
Prepare your heart for Easter and draw closer to our Savior with the new series of FREE Easter devotionals you can receive throughout this joyous season! 

These free Easter devotionals will be delivered via email to help you gain a greater understanding of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. 

As our gift to you, when you sign up for FaithGateway’s free Easter devotionals, you will receive a free download of BLESSINGS OF THE CROSS devotional eBook (PDF) by Billy Graham, Max Lucado, Anne Graham Lotz, Stormie Omartian – the entire 48-page devotional eBook!

FREE!  “Who is that Man?” Lenten e-Book by Dr. Ray Pritchard
Lent begins on Wednesday, February 13. During the 40-day period leading up to Easter, Christians around the world take a spiritual journey with our Lord as he travels to Jerusalem. 

Lent ends with Holy Week, which takes us to Good Friday and Easter Sunday. 
This year I’m inviting our friends to join us in a Lenten devotional series called “Who Is That Man?” We’re releasing the entire series in ebook format that you can download for free.
In this Lenten journey we will focus on questions found in the four gospels.

Some are questions asked to Jesus.
Some are questions asked about Jesus.
Some are questions asked by Jesus.

Each question reveals something about the person who asked. Each question points us in the direction of new truth. Each question brings us face to face with Jesus Christ.

FREE!   Don’t miss the meat!
25 new recipes to try contributed by the readers of Arkansas Catholic.

For more Lenten resources, check out the books now available on our shelf!  SEE BOOKS

Want to join a Christian Ecumenical community?  Ask us to invite you to our events during Holy Week!  

E-mail us at 

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Books for Lent

The Lenten season is a time of renewal and grace for every Christian!  Let’s fully avail of this special time and discover more about the richness of our faith.

“As the reading of bad books fills the mind with worldly and poisonous sentiments; so, on the other hand, the reading of pious works fills the soul with holy thoughts and good desires.” – St. Alphonsus Maria de Liguori

These books with help fill our minds with the things of heaven instead of the things of earth.

There is something for everyone!  Even for those of us who aren’t sure who God is (or even if He is real), check out the following: Extreme Intimacy with an Interactive God
by James Alexander Langteaux

“This is a book I want my friends to read.  To the agnostic it describes the human side of God.  To the outcast it is a tale of unconditional love.  To the disillusioned it blends wit and honesty to offer hope.  To the dreamer it inspires bigger dreams and visions. is the most thought-provoking book of faith I have ever read.” Chris Falson

 I highly recommend this book. It’s unlike any book I’ve read on Christian living and I look forward to more of his work.” 

ITEM CODE:  #132-71
PRICE: Php199.75  /  $5.70

Glimpses of an Invisible God for Teens
Experiencing God in the Everyday Moments of Life
by Lighthouse Books

You forgot about the big exam, your best friend is sick, and it’s your day to take out the trash. Where is God in all of this? Sure, you can feel His presence at church, but what about right now?
No matter what your day holds, God wants to walk with you. Find His touch in your everyday life. Each scripture and reading in this collection shines God’s love on your life and #133;even the parts you may never have seen Him in before. Find His peace in your most hectic moments-even if you forgot to study!

My children love reading books about God and have become very interested in learning that they are not the only kids who love an invisible God!!!” Christi Mac

ITEM CODE:  #303-8
PRICE:  Php250  /  $7.15

My Own Dream Journey 
A Journal for Dreamersby Bruce Wilkinson with Andries Gilliers

The author writes about the Big Dream that God gives each one of us, the Dream that will bring deeper meaning to our lives.  Have you, too, perhaps discovered your Life Dream already … but in the daily hustle and bustle, you just do not get around to making a start on your own Dream Journey?

It is designed to help you with this. It is a journal about living one’s Dream, and we are going to write it together! In my section of the book. I have summarized the central ideas from The Dream Giver for you so that you can continue to reflect on your Dream. I have included passages from scripture, prayers,quotes and various other material to set you thinking – as well as dreaming and journeying! In between what I have written, spaces have been left where you can jot down your reactions to what I have said.

“A Dream Journal is a very private affair, in which you may open your heart completely to yourself and to God. May this help you to start out joyfully on your personal dream journey… and find true fulfillment.”

ITEM CODE: #303-16
PRICE:  Php250  /  $7.15

The Pocket Devotional
Lighthouse Books

Refresh your soul… anywhere!

Who knew such great inspiration could come in such a small package?  Each scripture and meditation is quickly read but not soon forgotten, challenging you to a new level of spiritual growth.  Put in your car, purse, briefcase, or backpack; and you’re ready to spend quality time with God at any moment.

ITEM CODE: #303-59
PRICE: Php225 / $6.45

Soul Repair: Rebuilding Your Spiritual Life

by Jeff Vanvonderen, Dale and Juanita Ryan 

Do you fear that God is angry with you? Do you wonder if God is really for you? if God really loves you? Deep down many of us believe that we are not good enough, and never will be good enough, to have a meaningful relationship with God. This is because we have been spiritually trained in ways that have left us with distorted and inadequate spiritual life.

“Helpful book. Easy read, but also makes you think.” Dana K. 

It is a painful, heart-wrenching read if you have suffered any spiritual abuse; but it is so worth it. Healing and spiritual health are on the way thanks to these writers.”  EMW

This author has a perspective that is so rare and refreshing in the body of Christ. It is among the top 5 books I have ever read concerning spiritual, and relational topics. I have an extensive personal library and have been an avid reader, so when an author can inspire change in me, I will highly recommend it!”  Jesse Reeder

ITEM CODE:  #316-20
PRICE: Php225 / $6.45

Trust: A Godly Woman’s Adornment
(On-the-Go Devotionals)
by Lydia Brownback 

“Skillful devotionals for those who face the challenge to ‘fit it all in’.  Biblically rigorous and deeply perceptive.  Godly insights from a godly sister.” Elyse Fitzpatrick

“A Ready resource for keeping our thinking focused on God himself.  The devotionals helped me understand my fear or discontent and our Heavenly Father’s provision.” Barbara Hughes

“Lydia Brownback call Christian women to lift their eyes upward and find security, rest, and peace in a sovereign God whose promises never fail!”  Nancy Leigh DeMoss

ITEM CODE: #316-42
PRICE: Php175  /  $5

Longing for More A Woman’s Path to Transformation in ChristBy Ruth Haley Barton

“As I was reading this manuscript I circled many paragraphs, scribbled down many quotes and scattered hundreds of exclamation points in the margins – but I keep going back to one line in particular; “It is time, writes Ruth, ‘to stand for what you believe and never look back’ … Longing for More challenges, encourages, motivates and empowers me toward that end.  Thank you Ruth. ”  Lynne Hybels

ITEM CODE: #316-49
PRICE:  Php275  / $7.85

For more information or to purchase online, send us a message at  We ship worldwide.

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DIY Shop at Gateway Mall

Welcome craftlovers!

We will soon launch a place where all the arts and crafters can converge!  Young and old can join a creative frenzy with the various materials and tools!

Aren’t the Robert Alejandro stamps just so delightful?  How can you go wrong with these charming designs?

All in attendance

We will be doing a range of do-it-yourself products.

Among the items you can use are postcards, scrapbooks, notebooks which you can decorate yourself with available components.

Starting this March, this will be held at the new spacier location of our Gateway Mall branch – level 3 besides Rustan’s at Araneta Center Cubao, Quezon City.

Everyone is invited to come!  It’s free to use the stamps and other tools and you may purchase the notebooks, postcards etc. that you will decorate at the shop itself.

There will also be a space for the young ones so bring your children along with you!

For inquiries, comments and suggestions, just e-mail us at
See more crafts at

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Music of My Soul CD

We would like to introduce to you a worthwhile (and wonderful) project done by a friend of Papemelroti, Abbie Sandico.  These are soul-filled renditions about faith, love, hope and various other themes.

The artists have generously given of their time and talents and it’s all for a worthy cause!

Here’s a sample song –
Vocals by Reese Lansangan, Instrumental Arrangement by Teddy Katigbak, Guitars by Mark Villar, Music & Lyrics by Abbie Sandico ©2014

Each song has a story behind it.

Abbie wrote this for a friend who lost her husband 5 years ago… It’s her song of hope and trust, for all of us who have at one point lost someone or something in our lives.

MUSIC OF MY SOUL is a non profit group.We produce inspirational Christian music and the copies are given to various causes. If you are an organization and have a worthy cause you need to fundraise for and would like to obtain copies of our albums, pls email:

The music CD’s are available in all PAPEMELROTI branches, for the benefit of LNP Prison Ministry. 100% of your purchase price will fund activities and projects of LNP Prison Ministry to bring God’s love to inmates of the QC Jail, and to help those released, in livelihood programs to help them rebuild a new life. There are 16 songs in the CD.

MUSIC OF MY SOUL is a non profit group.We produce inspirational Christian music and the copies are given to various causes. If you are an organization and have a worthy cause you need to fundraise for and would like to obtain copies of our albums, pls email:

Please like this page and subscribe to the YouTube Channel: Music Of My Soul Philippines at this link:

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The Stuff of Success Instagram Raffle Contest

It’s Graduation month and we’ve got the “Stuff of Success” here at Papemelroti.  We are giving away products that give you that extra push towards your goals and dreams!  They are specially dedicated to the hardworking graduates of 2015 (but you don’t have to be a graduate to win this)!

So here are what’s up for grabs…

It’s got a lot!

Masala Color Wallet

One has to be prudent with what he has on the road to success.  Manager your resources well today and save up for the future.  This wallet will help you towards that goal.

This is “the” wallet for 2015 as it sports the official color – Masala – for this year. Borrowing a line from Google, “Masala is any of a number of spice mixtures ground into a paste or powder for use in Indian cooking.”  It’s not really red as it has warmer tones leaning towards orange.  It’s made of genuine leather and part of one of the livelihood projects of Papemelroti.  This wallet can also be used alternately as a gadget holder or to hold small personal items.

Travel Lock Journal 
We know that travel is usually for leisure but a successful person sees opportunity everywhere.  When you’re off in a faraway destination, have this journal on hand to jot down bright ideas that are inspired by your surroundings.  You can also lock away your thoughts with this handy lock and key!

All the pages of this journal are made of 100% eco-friendly kraft paper.

World Map Cell holder 
Clear communication is one of the tools for success.  This wooden holder will carefully cradle your cellphone and prevent you from losing precious time trying to find it when you need it.  Your cellphone will always be visible in this and while your cellphone is being used, a beautiful world map is seen (reminding you to “Dream Big”).
Secret Book Box
Keep your valuables safe in this box. It’s a real book with a space at the center to hide any precious articles you have.  When you’re on the go, keep your any items that you don’t want to be squished here too.

Ocean Deco Wall Plaque
Have courage every day with this inspirational message from Christopher Columbus (he should know right?).  The majestic photography is done by Papemelroti artist Jarfilledhead.  A modern plaque that will fit any stylish home or office.

Success Comes in Cans Coin Bank
A very important way to attain your dreams is to have a positive attitude.  Keep more “cans” instead of “cannots” in your life!  Save a little every day to travel the world or go back to school or whatever you need more finances for.

Denim All Purpose Pouch
Pretty, handmade and so very useful.  Have a new crib for your toiletries or makeup!

Let Your Dreams Soar Notepad 
Made of 100% eco-friendly kraft paper.  Size 2.75 x 4.5 inches.  Write encouraging and thank you notes to friends and family!

Here is the complete Prize(d) List:

Success Comes in Cans Coin Bank
Let Your Dreams Soar Notepad
Ocean Deco Wall Plaque
Masala Color Wallet
Denim All Purpose Pouch
Travel Lock Journal
World Map Cell holder
Secret Book Box

To join:

1. Simply login to your Instagram Account.
2. Search for us: Username: papemelroti
3. Follow the instructions on the Stuff of Success Raffle Contest post.
4. Wait for our announcement of winners at the end of the month.  We will contact the winner as soon as we have picked one!

To see more Papemelroti products, visit us at

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