Free Advent Calendar 2014

Ahhh… Christmas!  It’s the best time of the year!

Friends and family gather together more than any other season.  Twinkling lights signal it’s coming and our hearts are all aglow with this extraordinary feeling of wonder!

Wouldn’t you like to make this Christmas even more special?

“For unto us a Child is born…and His name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, Almighty God, the Everlasting Father, the Price of Peace!”   Isaiah 9:6

Jesus is indeed our Greatest Gift at Christmas (and always).  His coming bridged a gap from God to man, from temporal to eternal, from finite to infinite, from death to life!

We are recipients of His unfailing love and mercy 365 days of the year!

“What can I offer the Lord for all the goodness He has shown me?”  Psalm 116:12

We are extremely blessed (even when we don’t know it).  It’s only right that we give praise where praise is due.  

Starting tomorrow, Nov. 30, the first day of advent, we can work on our gift to God this Christmas!

With this project, you not only get to give God a smile with this gift, but Christmas won’t just pass you by, it will be much more meaningful!  We will also grow in gratitude and in our faith as well.
How to use the calendar:
1.  Download the Calendar by right-clicking on the image and saving on your computer.
2. Print out and hang in a prominent area of your home or office.
3. Spend some time in prayer to thank Him for the biggest blessings every day.  
4. Write down a blessing in the calendar spaces until Christmas Day!  
That will be our offering of gratitude for this most grace-filled season!

Print out copies for every member of your family.  This is especially great to do for children as they are really the most excited for Christmas! 

Feel free to share this Free downloadable Advent Calendar 2014 with others!

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The Best is Yet to Come Giveaway

It’s the Advent season!  (November 30 to December 24)
It’s a time of waiting, preparation and hope!  It’s a time to recall how Christ came to save us.  It’s a time when we reflect on the year that has passed as well as the year ahead and be grateful.

During this season until Christmas comes, we are giving away prizes to make this time even more memorable.  They each have a dreamy, magical, nostalgic and sentimental feel to them (a lot like what we feel at Christmas!).

Now to show you what’s up for grabs…

Here they all are!  Beautiful Eiffel and vintage-themed items from Papemelroti!

Let’s take a closer look…

Eiffel Desk Clock

Feel the romance every time with this Paris-inspired desk clock.  Translated French words say “You are the love of my life and I will always love you”.  Designed by Papemelroti artist Peggy.  Made of recycled wood materials.  Comes with its own box to protect the product.
Size 5.5 x 5.5″

Next prizes up next…

2015 Eiffel Wall Calendar
Each month has a mix of inspirational quotes that will bring beauty and wisdom to your every day.
Size 8.5″ x 5.5″


Matching Eiffel Pocket Planner

You can use the small one for taking with you daily and the wall calendar for family events!

Victorian Craft Cut Sheet
Our Craft Cuts are best for decorating your scrapbook memorabilia.  They’re made of 100%
recycled paper so you can help conserve paper in the planet.  Easy to handle and durable.

Eiffel Compass Necklace
with “Je t’aime” which means “I love you” in French.  Understated vintage theme that never goes out of style.

Something more to put some shine…

Floral Chintz Ring
We love this originally designed piece by Papemelroti artist Calej.  It’s a bouquet of flowers for your hand!  Adjustable ring size too!  Made of metal.

Chain Ponytail Holder doubles up as a bracelet!  Styled by Papemelroti artist Meldy!

Angel Wing Cellphone Charm
May an angel let your dreams take flight this 2015!  Individually hand-assembled with care.  Just attach to your cellphone!  Keeps the dust distant.


Eiffel Desk Clock
2015 Vintage Wall Calendar
2015 Eiffel Pocket Planner
Victorian Craft Cut
Eiffel Compass Necklace
Floral Chintz Ring
Chain Ponytail Holder – Bracelet
Angel Wing Cellphone Charm

It’s so very simple to join!
Just fill up the Rafflecopter form below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway 

Submit your entries at our Rafflecopter above and get extra entries there too! 

It’s got easy to do tasks such as tell us your first impression of Papemelroti (the company / the shop / the website etc).

*Be sure to really do the tasks as we check each and every one.

*Also make sure that the accounts you have are not dedicated to purely giveaways.  We will not count those.

*This contest is open worldwide but shipping costs must be shouldered by participants. 
The winner (if in the Philippines) can get the business pack via the nearest Papemelroti branch.

The contest ends on December 27, 2014 (Saturday).  We will be contacting the winner via e-mail and will announce it also in our January e-Newsletter so watch out for that.

*Winners must reply within 3 days or we will sadly have to pick another winner.

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Robert Alejandro will be speaking about his work, travel & “giving back” at INK FEST 2014!

Meet and greet him on the 29th of Nov 2014Saturday
10a Alabama QC. 
Entrance Fee: P50

Come – there’ll be more speakers, art and more art!  please share and like if you like. 
Spread the word!  Thank you!

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Artistory: Japan Diary

At this present time, we’re closely following the adventures of Robert Alejandro, one of the premiere artists of Papemelroti.  He is currently hopping on a train to different cities in Japan!  Here are some of the pictures he has shared with us.  The captions underneath are Robert’s descriptions of the photographs he took.

“There is so much to see in Japan (I am like a kid in a giant candy store) – I am having a hard time finding the time to sit and draw / paint. I had this moment to paint this. Many thanks to the deer that left me alone to paint.”   #otoriigate #miyajima #japan #art_we_inspire

#otoriigate  #miyajima   #japan  #jrrailways  #art_we_inspire

“Do it yourself postcards sent back home! Nice brush pens available in Japan!!!!!!”

“Can’t find the time to sit and draw in Japan an so I am just making postcards to send back home.”

#oldjapaneseprintsdoingmodernstuff  #diypapemelrotiposrcards   #kraftpaper
#papemelroti  #uniqlo

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