Thank You for Helping Frank!

We want to thank you to everyone who donated appliances for Frank!
He is steadily rebuilding his life and it is largely due to the efforts of all of you that he is getting back on his feet.

Frank Llagas was a victim of circumstance.
One day he was repairing appliances at an office and then next thing he knew, he was being charged with raping someone.  He was not even at the scene of the crime!
The one who pinpointed him as the culprit told him that she would drop the charges if he paid a significant sum.  Frank didn’t agree to that so he lost 5 years of his life behind bars for a crime he didn’t commit.

Thank God Frank is now free due to the efforts of some of the volunteers who serve at the Quezon City prison ministry (some of whom are workers of Papemelroti).  More on that here

We highly encourage you to keep donating your broken appliances!  Drop them off at any Papemelroti branch as Frank still very much needs our support!
You can also help in sponsoring one Friday morning session!   The group ministers to the inmates by talking with them, providing spiritual nourishment and encouragement through a bible reflection.   You can come with the team or you may want to provide the snack food for them (like biscuits and juice).  Soap and other toiletry needs are also given.  To inquire on how to help just e-mail us at

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Grandparents Day Greetings

Greetings to all Lolas and Lolos!

September 7, 2014 is Grandparents’ Day!

Save these images and send to your beloved grandparents!  You can also print them out for greeting cards!

Save by right-clicking on the images and choose “Save As”.

No commercial use allowed.
Original Images by Papemelroti.

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RUB Restaurant Roces Branch is Opening Soon!

A delicious addition is opening soon at the Roces Ave., Quezon City main office of Papemelroti!

Rub offers “no frills American grub. Ribs, Wings, Rings, Fish, Chips and a lot more!” (taken from their site).

They call it “rub” due to their secret process of flavoring their meats.

For those who aren’t too fond of meat, no worries as they have salads, seafood and pasta!  They too are equally scrumptious!  Take it from us!

Rub was also noted as one of the 6 Restaurants Worth Lining Up For by Coconuts Manila “The proof of the pudding is in the queuing”   Read Article

Here’s what people are saying about Rub…

i’ve been to rub ribs 3 times already and i just love their ribs and sides just the same. the taste are consistent, downside is that they are also consistent of having a lot of customers, downside for me because i have to wait for an hour or so just to have a seat :p i know they already have other branch with bigger space but scout rallos is the nearest to my place so if we wanted to have good ribs, we have to wait and i should say that the waiting is always worth it 🙂 a suggestion though i really hope you can move into a bigger place – marengcheng 
*This is why they are opening at Roces, to accomodate more people YAY!

I almost died while eating here. LOL!   The food was superb. I really love the ribs that they have here. moist, soft, even falling out from the bones. Plus the sauce of the ribs (i personally do not need it because I was already satisfied with the flavor and aroma of the ribs. – Fidelupa

This is what I’d call a joint! Small, always packed during peak hours, with friendly service and excellent ribs, at dirt cheap prices.  There’s not much else to say. Great value for money, I’d highly recommend it. – malupit

I’ve heard a lot about the ribs served at rub but because of the small space of the restaurant and it’s almost always full house, we’ve never had a chance to sample their specialty until lunch today!  And I was not dissapointed! The ribs were soft and tender and fell off the bone. I ordered the double portion with two sides and it is good enough to be shared by two people. I highly recommend this place! – Alvin A

The ribs in this place are Priceless and the choice of sides are both generous and reasonably priced. We were lucky enough to get a table at once but the place is pretty popular but I promise it’s worth the wait! – Erika H from Oslo, Norway

Food here is to die for! – Reynaldo De Ungria

Check them out at their other branches too:

QC: 64 Scout Rallos, QC
11am – 12mn
Tel: 5012799

Kapitolyo: 88 East Capitol Drive, Bgy. Kapitolyo, Pasig City
11am – 10pm
Tel: 6252939

Makati: Nicanor Garcia (Formerly Reposo Street) cor. Baler Street, Makati City
11am – 10pm
Tel: 8900972
They also deliver!  Just call 212-1212

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Think Thanks!

Read the news lately?  It’s filled with doom and gloom.  Wars, poverty and natural calamities.  It’s easy to get troubled, uncertain and anxious about where we are headed.

Though we do need to do what we can to heal a hurting world, we also need to guard our thoughts so we can be strong to face life’s challenges.

One way is to “Think Thanks”!

If you were to have a chart today with one side having “Grateful Thoughts” and on the other side “Complaining Thoughts”, what would have the most entries?

It’s a fun and worthwhile practice to also journal (every day) and write down all our blessings!

Here are some things to “thank” about so we can be more mindful of our blessings every single day!

Think Thanks and Act!

Thinking grateful thoughts lead to doing grateful deeds.  Doing grateful deeds leads to being a blessing for others and ultimately blessing you.

A young boy was the apple of his father’s eyes.  He was extremely blessed and had everything going his way.  But others were jealous of him so they turned things around and in a moment, all the favor and abundance turned into bondage and oppression.

This is the story of Joseph the Dreamer and his story speaks volumes about how having a grateful heart consistently acts in the right way.

Joseph was sold into slavery by his envious brothers and was exiled into Egypt.  Despite falling into hard times, Joseph stuck to being grateful.  He kept doing good even when he was being dealt a bad hand in life.

But if you know the end of the story, we could see that his righteous actions landed him into the most powerful position in the land (second to the Pharoah).

Here’s what Joseph’s grateful heart said to his brothers “You intended to harm me, but God intended it all for good. He brought me to this position so I could save the lives of many people.”  Read Joseph’s story, Genesis 37

Think Thanks in the Midst of Trouble

A newly married couple was so excited to hear news of their coming child. They shared the news with friends and family and the baby boy that was arriving was eagerly awaited by all.  His name was Diego but the angels snatched his soul away before earth could hold it!

Deeply shocked and disheartened, the young couple wept and yet they said right then and there, “The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away. Blessed be the name of the Lord!”  Job 1:21

How did they have a thankful heart in the midst of trouble? Read the full story on Facebook

We highly recommend this App!  
Get more inspirational stories and prayers delivered to your device with One Touch App
Apple or Android 

PHOTO CREDIT: Templeton Foundation

Here’s an instant lift from a great source of encouragement, Joel Osteen, author and pastor of Lakewood Church, Texas.  We watch his videos a lot at our Bible Study at our main office in Papemelroti.

Let’s not forget to give thanks to the people whose guiding hand has helped shape us into who we are today!

We celebrate September 7th as Grandparents’ Day and October 5 as Teachers’ Day!

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Favorite Things Contest

We’ve got 8 special things to giveaway this month of September!  They are so very useful and pretty too!  It’s an easy contest to join specially for Instagrammers!

Take a look at all these goodies!  They are each individually handmade locally and are all lovely to behold.  One winner will get to win them all!

First prize is the …

Large Dot Ponytail Holder

Cute accessory for jazzing up your hairdo. Sturdy elasticity. Comes in a variety of designs and colors.  You can see this at the bottom left of the picture above!

Next is the Large Floral Covered Scrapbook – Journal with a cheery color and recycled inside sheets to help reduce your carbon footprint!

Dream Eiffel Pendant
With such a dainty look about it.  Simple and elegant.  It’s all you ever need to accent your timeless, vintage and chic look.

Wrap Around Journal

Beautiful handbound journal containing pages made from 100% recycled kraft paper. Accented with a metal sphere with an intricate bird design.  Size 6″ x 4.5″ x 5/8″, 200g 

Cross Braid Necklace  Individually hand-crafted with care.

Double Tie Charm Cuff Bracelet

Bird in Flight Cellphone Charm
Just sling this around your cellphone (and other gadgets) to put a fancy twist!

Double Tie Charm Cuff Bracelet
This is just such an amazingly fun accessory to wear with all the different charms!  What does each symbol represent for you?

Glaze Checkered Stud Earrings
Sturdy and durable, these earrings put a dash of color to your day!

Here are the goodies for the winner!

Large Floral Covered Scrapbook – Journal
Cross Braid Necklace
Dream Eiffel Pendant
Glaze Checkered Stud Earrings
Wrap Around Journal
Double Tie Charm Cuff Bracelet
Large Paisley Dot Ponytail Holder
Bird in Flight Cellphone Charm


1. Join Instagram
2. Visit any Papemelroti branch.  See branches
3. Take a picture of your favorite thing there.
3.  Post the picture on Instagram and DON’T FORGET to put the hashtag  #papemelrotigiveaway04
4. That’s it!  We will raffle the names at the end of the contest so just wait for us to contact you if you win!!!  Yay!

Since the contest is about taking pictures at Papemelroti branches, the winner has to be located in the Philippines.

The contest ends on September 24, 2014 so start snapping away!

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Jewelry from the Sea

My family and I recently went to Cebu.  After a great lunch at Golden Cowrie (Cebu) which included scallops, I asked for the shells.  I knew I could make something out of it!  And I can’t bear to think of those beautiful shells being thrown in the trash!

These scallop shells are also called “Tahong” in the Philippines.

*Some little known facts about scallops are that they are animals as well as bivalves and they can also swim!

I had my dad drill a hole on the scallop shell.  Then I looked through some old jewelry, took them apart,and created something new out of it.  I used copper wire to attach the tassel hanging to the shell. 

Next I looked through some book paper in search of some words to put on the metal cabochon.  I really like looking for “found poetry”!
Shell Craft by Patricia Paterno

Important Note:  We discourage everyone from taking shells from the beach as these aren’t exactly “trash”.  They are still home to the crabs and microscopic animals that roam along the seashore.  You don’t want to take someone’s home do you?

See more crafts at

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