Jewelry from the Sea

My family and I recently went to Cebu.  After a great lunch at Golden Cowrie (Cebu) which included scallops, I asked for the shells.  I knew I could make something out of it!  And I can’t bear to think of those beautiful shells being thrown in the trash!

These scallop shells are also called “Tahong” in the Philippines.

*Some little known facts about scallops are that they are animals as well as bivalves and they can also swim!

I had my dad drill a hole on the scallop shell.  Then I looked through some old jewelry, took them apart,and created something new out of it.  I used copper wire to attach the tassel hanging to the shell. 

Next I looked through some book paper in search of some words to put on the metal cabochon.  I really like looking for “found poetry”!
Shell Craft by Patricia Paterno

Important Note:  We discourage everyone from taking shells from the beach as these aren’t exactly “trash”.  They are still home to the crabs and microscopic animals that roam along the seashore.  You don’t want to take someone’s home do you?

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