Celebrate Christmas through arts and crafts with Papemelroti!

Join the 3 Kings Doll Workshop and/or the Acrylic Postcard Painting Workshop with papemelroti artist Robert Alejandro!

Pre-registration is required. Please register here:http://bit.ly/ayalamuseumworkshop2017

What will you learn in the AM session? 
Robert Alejandro will be teaching decoupage techniques that you will be using to create your own versions of the 3 Kings! 
Materials, light snacks and certificates will be given to participants of the workshop and is already inclusive of the fees. 

What will you learn in the PM session? 

Robert Alejandro will be teaching BASIC acrylic painting techniques for you to be able to make Christmas-themed postcards!

-The acrylic painting workshop is catered to BEGINNERS. 
-The facilitator of the workshop will do the artwork step by step along with the workshop participants
– This workshop will be all about experiencing painting with acrylics. Students will see if they will love painting with acrylics or hate it (something good to learn).

Workshop fee is inclusive of light snacks, materials and certificates.

Pre-registration is required. Click the link below to register:

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Scenes from the Urban Sketching Workshop

Art sketching is oftentimes associated with an easel in the park or at a big studio but it is actually something we can do anywhere we are.
Robert Alejandro teaches us that we can find inspiration everywhere, even in the city.
Robert’s workshop helped everyone loosen up and enjoy illustration instead of feeling pressured to churn out something Michaelangelo would do.

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” – Pablo Picasso

It’s true that there is an artist inside each of us.  It is innate to create.  Whether it is to cook good food, write a book, grow vegetables or nurture a child inside the womb – each person is meant to create.

Watch Robert in action…

It was definitely a fun weekend at the Katipunan Art Festival 2017 as we gave 15% off Papemelroti kraft blanks and kits that weekend!
2017 is truly a special year!  Robert has done more workshops this year than any other year!  Watch out for the nearing end of the workshop series this 50th year of Papemelroti!  

Good job Robert!

The event was held last October 21, 2017 at the UP Town Center grounds, Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City.

For updates on next month’s workshop please follow us on Facebook or Instagram.

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Live Drawing Event

Last October 17 was the International Day of the Eradication of Extreme Poverty.  ATD (All Together in Dignity) Philippines was at the forefront for the festivities!

Robert Alejandro, Papemelroti owner and award-winning graphic designer, marked the festivities by doing a Live Drawing event at SM Manila last October 13, 2017.

See what Robert did that day caught on video below!

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50 Years of Miracles

Papemelroti celebrates half a decade of miracles!
Through the years we have been abundantly blessed by God in so many ways.  We want to share some highlights from our company celebration last October 16, 2017.
The night was a red carpet event as everyone was dressed to the nines and cameras lights flashed at  the guests as they walked in.
We started off by sharing customer videos – greeting us on our 50th anniversary!  They shared their sentiment in a variety of ways like through heartfelt messages, animation, store visits or as one customer did, she purchased 50 gifts from Papemelroti and distributed these to her friends as a token of her gratitude!
Papemelroti’s managing director Patricia Paterno made everyone feel welcome by sharing how the business started and recounting wonderful experiences growing up with the business.
Creative genius runs in the family!  Robert Alejandro honors his dad Benny Alejandro as a Diamond founder award!

Awarding ceremonies ensued honoring our hardworking employees through the years.  Awards went out to those who have been with us for 5 years until 50 years!

Our Pioneer Awards went to our most renowned and well-loved employees who’ve invested 40 to 50 years of their lives building up Papemelroti, setting the trend for success!
We are so happy to have reached our golden year!  God is good!  A warm thanks to all of you who have helped our business all these years!  Your patronage has brought about a lot of good!  God bless you!

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Switchplate Cover Printables

Your light switches don’t have to be boring.  They are something you see everyday, if not, need to use more than once a day.  Why shouldn’t they make you smile?

We want you to have as much fun as you want with these.  We hope you have the same size as ours since it won’t really look good if it’s a different size. 

So what will it look like?

That’s what we are trying to do!  Enjoy! 


To download the designs, just right click on the image and then choose “Save as”.  Print on sticker paper and cut carefully.  Then attach to your switchplates!







These switch plate designs are care of Papemelroti designer Calej.  If you like these printables, let her know!

You can visit Calej’s blog here.

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Katipunan Art Festival 2017

We’ve got an upcoming workshop at the Katipunan Art Festival 2017!

This October, you can learn how to make each experience even more memorable and exciting through the skill of sketching! Make ordinary things into works of art!

The Katipunan Art Festival 2017 series features different artists and crafters sharing their love of creating.

Our very own Robert Alejandro is going to talk about sketching in the city. His beautiful work showcases a wide variety of subjects from architecture to nature and you will be able to jump start a new hobby or hone your skills with the simplest of mediums.

Robert is one of the most talented artists we know. His award-winning designs have graced a dizzying array of buildings, products, books and what-have-you.

Get to know the man behind the masterpieces.

How do you capture exquisite moments and vignettes of life in a way that only you can?  How can you create something that you can treasure forever and will bring back all the memories, the sights, the smell, the feel that a photograph cannot?
“Travel Sketching is a way of documenting a particular space in time,” says Robert.
Coni, one of Robert’s sketching workshop participants writes on her blog that Robert taught her, “Your work doesn’t have to be perfect. It could be, should be, perfectly imperfect.”
What could you learn from Robert?  A morning with him can fill your creative life with more color for the rest of your life.
Sign up for Robert’s workshop!
October 21, Saturday
9 am to 12 pm

Fee: 1,500 php

Meeting place: Large Acacia Tree,
UP Town Center, Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City 


See other workshops below…

Click on the links to register.

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