More DIY Postcards

Did you get one of these handmade postcards from artist Robert Alejandro?
He talks about the lucky people he sent these off to.

 This is an artwork I gave to Alexandra. Alexandra met up with us and led us to the airbnb we stayed in for a week in Paris. Look – she is holding the keys to the apartment! Merci Alex! #airbnb

 Everyday I would purchase a baguette at the local bake shop. “Bonjour!” I would say and the beautiful owner would speak to me in French – which I didn’t understand. When I left Paris I gave the French woman a little souvenir. #memoriesofparis #thefrencharentrudeatall

A postcard I made for my Auntie Cora in Austin, Texas smile emoticon used a white inked pen for this artwork. 
I travel with the simplest of watercolors (Prang) a couple of good brushes, a watercolor sketch pad (or a moleskine ). I bring along some glue as well. — with Corazon J. Kinney.

I stayed at an airbnb in Paris (Le Gobelin)- I felt like a local (buying a baguette at the shop downstairs, chatting with my 4 word French vocabulary). Made this artwork for Jean, the owner of the French apartment which was my Parisian home for a while. Merci!

 diypostcard turkey coffee

 Met and drew another beautiful girl from Istanbul – she was inviting us for breakfast but I was too shy to say yes to the invite.

 Had a bit of trouble looking for our reservation in Istanbul (my fault- I didn’t save the details). A young lady helped us and this is my gift to her. Thank you very much!!!!!

 diypostcard i particularly like gluing / sending an actual part of the city to my friends (happens to be a leaf in this case).

 Still people watching / drawing from life in Stockholm kulturhuset I really do enjoy drawing from life 

 My first time in Scandinavia- I loved it! diypostcard

 Man at the Kiev airport. Used a fountain pen & watercolor

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